At the heart of it all there is a vision…the vision to create the first Panini brand in the United States. Starbucks created coffee. Chipotle created the burrito. Amorini Panini is creating the Panini. It all began with a single press in 2009. After a year of development, the first of our sandwich restaurants opened in 2010. After a successful year with our brick and mortar location, we created our signature food truck, The Panini Machine, to reach a larger market and attend special events. Development on our second restaurant location began in 2012 and finally opened in early 2013. Our second Panini Machine food truck was developed shortly after. Since 2009, Amorini Panini has been dedicated to providing our customers with delicious, as well as quality and healthy fast food options. Come into one of our local sandwich shops on your next lunch break or contact us to reserve one of our food trucks for your next big event!